With the welcome and much needed addition of Karen to Beauty in Boise as of November 2017, we are better able to meet the demand for additional appointment times for services.

Karen's schedule is already filling quickly, so it is advised to request a recurring appointment time with her upon completion of your first appointment. 

All first time clients are asked to please use the online booking system, as a credit card is required to reserve your appointment and entering that information yourself directly into the system is the most secure option. If you are under 18 and would like to schedule an appointment, please note that our professional liability insurance requires a parent or legal guardian to attend your appointment with you to sign treatment consent forms on your behalf. Please read the cancellation policy regarding appointments for minors. 

We do not work on anyone under the age of 16. 

Please read the hours of availability and cancellation policy prior to booking your appointment. 
All services at Beauty in Boise are provided at the service providers discretion. 
We reserve the right to refuse a requested appointment or service based on our professional assessment.

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