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A Note Regarding Online Booking:
The online booking is up to date and accurate. 
Appointments are currently booking 12-16 weeks out. 
Open appointment availability will show as white, booked appointment times will show as gray.
If the calendar is showing only gray that means all appointment times are currently filled.
Please do check back regularly with the online booking calendar 
as occasionally a client will need to reschedule their appointment and a spot may open up.
do not keep a cancellation list, however if an appointment time opens up
and stays open for more than 24 hours, I will share it in my Instagram stories.
Appointments are NOT booked via social media messages, DM, or text.
Please utilize the online booking. It is there for both your convenience and mine. 
Please read the hours of availability and all of our policies prior to booking your appointment. 
All services at Beauty in Boise are provided at the service provider's discretion. 
We reserve the right to refuse and/ or switch a requested appointment or service based on our professional assessment.
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