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Services Offered


Lash Lift
Natural lashes... Amplified!

Beauty in Boise is the premiere Lash Lift provider in the Treasure Valley. 

We were the first to bring this revamped lash treatment to the area and 

have done literally thousands of lifts. My previous experience as the USA

Director of Training for Elleebana and body of work speaks for itself. 

Includes hydrating Keratin post lift lash treatment. 

No mascara, no extensions.

Just beautiful, natural lashes boosted to their max.

Results that last 8 to 10 weeks

Lash Lift *  $75

Lash Lift with Tint*    $90

The Complete Lift Package*  $125

    (Lash Lift with Tint & Brow Wax with Tint)

*All Lash Lift services include a hydrating Keratin lash treatment post lift.  

The Clear Skin Program
If you suffer from Acne and are ready to finally get and stay clear without
prescriptions, look no further. You have come to the right place.
We are certified Face Reality Acne Specialists and our track record of clearing
acne spans over a decade. Please click here to learn more about 
The Clear Skin Program at Beauty in Boise. 
Skincare Treatments
Beauty in Boise MCESquared Skincare         Facials 
All skincare services are customized for each clients individual 
skincare concerns and needs. Some of the options we offer are listed below. 


Customized Corrective Facial Treatments

Custom Facials   $90

-We tailor our treatments to each individual client's skincare needs at each appointment.  Our skincare treatments range from acne treatments to exfoliating enzymes to chemical peels to soothing, healing, and repairing compromised, irritated, sensitized, and inflamed skin. 


Face​ & Neck   $90

Diamond Microdermabrasion​

Face, Neck & Chest   $90

Nano Infusion with Ultra Sonic Exfoliation

The ultimate skincare treatment. $125

Customized facial with thorough exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, and specialized nano solution infusion.  

Glow Up 
Our customized facial taken to the next level $185
-In this facial we utilize our non invasive skin lifting and remodeling treatment combined with double enzyme exfoliation, customized mask and healing light therapy. No downtime. Glow, baby, glow. 
The Alchemist TSD
Laser like results, none of the laser heat $175
-Acne, pigmentation, and sun damaged skins benefit greatly from this treatment. Laser like results without laser damage or heat. No downtime. Walk out the door glowing. 
Alchemist TSD w/ Non Invasive Skin Lifting Face and Neck $300
Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling)

Full Face    $259

-Includes industry leading skin regenerating growth factor, rejuvenating Light Therapy,

and a hydrating lip treatment

Mega Microneedling with NonInvasive Skin Lifting and Remodeling

Full Face and Neck $350

-Topical PRP is obsolete. This is the future of microneedling. We are the only location in the valley offering this combination of treatments. Includes customized enzyme exfoliation, state of the art non invasive skin lifting and remodeling, microneedling, and light therapy.

Stretch Marks and Hair Regeneration treatments available are per consult. 


Waxing & Tinting

Brow Shape, Wax, and Trim    $45

     (for first time clients or those in brow "rehab". More time is 

      allowed in this initial appointment for creating the ideal

     brow shape to fit your features.)

Brow Maintenance    $25

    (within 5 weeks of previous brow appointment)

Lip or Chin    $8

Nose    $10

Full Face​    $45

Lash Tint   $20

Brow Tint    $20

Brow Maintenance Wax and Tint    $35

Brow Tweeze and Shape    $35

Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner                                                     $385
Powder Brow                                           $445
Consultation-Existing PMU                $65
-If you have existing eyebrow or eyeliner permanent makeup,
this is a mandatory appointment that needs to take place 
prior to booking a procedure appointment. If you want
to see if PMU is right for you, please book this prior to booking
a full procedure. This appointment will include 
analysis of any existing PMU work (if applicable), a full trial brow mapping, 
 and discussion of all paperwork and pre and post care. 
Consultation- No existing PMU         $25
-All permanent makeup (PMU) services include a touch up.
Please read the policies before booking any permanent makeup services.
*If you have existing Permanent Cosmetics or are a new client
to Beauty in Boise, your service is considered "New" NOT a "Touch Up".
Schedule a consultation prior to your PMU service
if you have existing PMU, otherwise your service will be refused.
Touch Up services are for those who have received an initial PMU service
at Beauty in Boise. A single touch up is included in your initial PMU
application. Touch ups are scheduled 6 to 8 weeks post initial procedure,
with a 10 minute healing check up at 2 to 4 weeks post procedure. 
No PMU services for those under 18 years of age.


All first time clients are asked to please use the online booking system, as a credit card is required to reserve your appointment and entering that information yourself directly into the system is the most secure option. If you are under 18 and would like to schedule an appointment, please note that our professional liability insurance requires a parent or legal guardian to attend your appointment with you to sign treatment consent forms on your behalf.  Please see the cancellation policy regarding appointments for minors. We do not work on clients under the age of 16.

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